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Explore Worms

This page includes a number of different groups of wormlike animals that are found within the Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary or along the Barwon estuary.

Annelids are segmented worms and are an important marine phyla which includes the many polychaete worms which have hairs or bristles along their body segments. Many of these are free living and include some active carnivores, whilst others live permanently in tubes or burrows and often filter food from the water.

Other worms that represented here are in completely different groups and include the Flatworms (Phylum Platyhelminthes) which have thin flat bodies, Peanut Worms (Phylum Sipuncula) which have amazing feeding strategies, Ribbon Worms (Phylum Nemertea) with their long flat bodies, and the extraordinary double headed Trumpet Worms (Phylum Echiuroidea).

Segmented Worms

Other Worms


Imogen Manins (Feather Duster Worm)
Naomi Wells (Tube Worm)
Nick Shaw (Flatworms, Peanut Worm, Ribbon Worm, Trumpet Worm)
Wayne Martin (Terebellid Worms)

Mark Rodrigue (Bristle Worm)