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Get Involved

  • Always show respect for our remarkable coastal and marine environments and the many animals and plants that live here.
  • Join one of the local community groups focused on the environment including Friends of the Bluff, Barwon Estuary Project, Ocean Grove Coastcare, and many more.
  • Volunteer at the Barwon Estuary Heritage Centre, where ‘Friends of the Lobster Pot’ call home. To find out more about the centre, click here.
  • Learn about your local plants and animals by joining a ‘rockpool ramble’, or guided walk
  • Learn the geology of the Bluff, identify the plants, and be in awe of the local bird life.
  • Be a citizen scientist and take part in monitoring activities including Sea Search led by Parks Victoria or join Reefwatch Victoria’s annual Great Victorian Fish Count or Sea Slug Census.
  • Encourage all your family members, friends and colleagues to help care for our precious marine and coastal environments.

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