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Explore Life Underwater

The Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary is part of an interconnected series of rocky reefs that stretch from Brisbane to Kalbarri. This is known as the Great Southern Reef. This is a unique temperate marine ecosystem with 30-80% of its species found nowhere else. When we think of the sea and its creatures we are drawn to the charismatic, frightening, or edible. That is dolphins, whales, seals, fish, and sharks. But there is so much more life beneath the surface. Dive in and explore this fascinating world, without getting your feet wet!


Bernie Lingham (Darwin’s Bubbles)
Geoff Gates (Australian Fur-seal
Imogen Manins (Sea Tulip)
Mark Rodrigue (Lace Coral, Seastar, Old Wife, Sponge, Waratah Anemone)
Naomi Wells (Barnacles, Elephant Snail, Tubeworm)
Wayne Martin (Sea Nymph Seagrass)