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Explore Marine Plants

The plants featured here are often grouped together as seagrasses. They are true plants that have evolved to live in the sea and have leaves, roots and stems, unlike algae which lack these features. Seagrasses also have tiny flowers which are mainly pollinated by water movements sometimes assisted by small crustaceans.

Seagrasses like the Eelgrass and Short Seagrass that live in the estuary have underground stems or rhizomes that spread beneath the surface of the sand or mud. These rhizomes are an important food source for Black Swans.

Sea Nymph Seagrass is better suited to rocky shorelines and is found in abundance within the sheltered sections of the Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary.

Marine Plants


Mark Rodrigue (Eelgrass, Short Seagrass)
Wayne Martin (Sea Nymph Grass)