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In European calendars there are just four seasons, but in Wadawurrung calendar there are six. Each season brings about subtle changes in the behaviour of birds, plants, and animals, as they respond to these seasonal changes. Just as the fauna and flora respond to the seasonal changes, so did the Wadawurrung. Moving around the region to take the best advantage of seasonal tucker (food). What and where animals were hunted or food was gathered, was governed by a deep knowledge of the seasons and the life cycles of the plants and animals. The Wadawurrung lived in perfect harmony with the environment.

Did the Wadawurrung follow the Kulin Nations seasons naming and guide? 

Seven Wurundjeri seasons are described in Woiwurrung traditions [1]:

  • Dry Season (Jan-Feb)
  • Iuk, Eel Season (March)
  • Waring, Wombat Season (April-July)
  • Guling, Orchid Season (Aug)
  • Poorneet, Tadpole Season (Sept-Oct)
  • Buarth Gurru, Grass Flowering Season (Nov)
  • Garrawang, Kangaroo-Apple Season (Dec)