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Small-leaved Clematis

Scientific Name: Clematis microphylla

Description: This twining creeper is common over the vegetation of the Bluff. Male and female plants are separate. The creamy white flowers give way to the feathery seed heads, perfect for dispersal by the wind and for use by native birds to make their nests. It bears masses of starry, creamy flowers in mid-winter, which are followed by fluffy seed heads on female plants. It is sometimes called ‘Old Man’s Beard’ due to its feathery white seed heads.

The tough roots of this climbing plant bind sandy soils. It can scramble over entire shrubs and trees making a beautiful display when in flower. This plant is a traditional food and medicinal source for the Wadawurrung.

Plant form: Scramblers, climbers and twiners
Where to find:
widespread throughout Barwon Heads
Narrow, oblong, dull green divided leaves with a pointed tip
Masses of cream starry flowers with four petals and a mop of long stamens
June – September