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Sea Box

Scientific Name: Alyxia buxifolia

Description: Sea Box is a low, dense, spreading coastal shrub with attractive orange-red berries that are favoured by birds but inedible to humans. It has tough, oval-shaped leaves and white flowers with five petals in a spiral arrangement and a bright orange centre. The flower is followed by orange-red berries in late summer. This shrub has leathery leaves which help to protect the plant from salt-spray. At the Bluff this dark green shrub mainly grows on cliffs and older sand dunes and is recovering strongly. This plant is a traditional medicinal plant for the Wadawurrung.

Plant form: Shrubs
Where to find:
Across the entire Bluff
Tough, oval-shaped, dark green leaves
Clusters of scented white five-petalled flowers with orange centres
spring – autumn