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Explore Reptiles

Lizards (Wadawurrung: lelon) and snakes (Wadawurrung: kadak), are cold-blooded animals and are highly mobile creatures. They are able to move over sand and rocks, burrow in the soil, squeeze through cracks and crevasses in rocks, climb near vertical rock walls and the thinnest tree branches and even swim at great speeds. Lizards and snakes are an important part of the food chain. They make up a significant proportion of the middle-order predators that keep our natural ecosystems working. Lizards can eat flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other insects. Lizards are natural cleaners and keep insect populations in control. Snakes are carnivores and they consume rodents, eggs, lizards, fish and smaller snakes.

Common Lizards & Snakes


Andrew Allen (Marbled Gecko)
Geoff Gates (Eastern Blue-tongue Lizard, Lowland Copperhead Snake)
Lachlan Forbes (Jacky Dragon)