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Spiny-headed Mat Rush

Species Name: Lomandra longifolia

Description: Spiny-headed Mat Rush is a large, coarse tussock with scrappy, glossy green leaves up to 80cm long. The tips of the leaves have a distinctive saw-tooth. Hidden amongst the foliage are clusters of straw-colored flowers on a spike-like structure that is half the length of the leaves. The flowers are followed by hard, brown seed capsules. This Lomandra provides important habitat for butterflies and small reptiles. It is an important Wadawurrung plant with many parts used as food or for weaving.

Plant form: Grasses and allies
Where to find:
A range of soils from dunes to salt marsh edges
strap like, shiny green firm and flat. 
straw coloured, heavily scented and massed on a spiny structure
Flowering: August – November