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Sea Hares

Scientific Name: Aplysia sydneyensis

Description: Sea Hares are a group of large slug-like molluscs, with a thin shell hidden beneath folds in the skin, and obvious rolled tentacles. They have four horns on the head. The body colour of individuals varies, ranging from red to dark brown or green.

These seemingly defenseless animals can produce a vivid purple dye to ward off predators if disturbed from their grazing. They have both male and female parts and often form long chains when mating and produce long spaghetti like masses of eggs amonsgt seagrass in the estuary.

Type: Gastropod (Carnivores and Scavengers)
Where to find: Soft sediments, Seagrass, Estuary Intertidal Reefs, Subtidal Reefs
Size: 25mm