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Maori Octopus

Scientific Name: Macroctopus maorum

Description: The grand nocturnal predator of the reef, the Maori Octopus may be seen in rockpools or on the reef edges when tides are low.

It forms lairs in crevices or burrows, recognised by the scatter of shells and crab parts around the entrance, with larger animals often sitting within the mouth of the lair. Smaller animals are generally nocturnal while larger animals can be active during both the day and night.

This octopus feeds on a wide range of prey including crabs, abalone, crayfish, mussels, fish and other octopuses. The webs between the arms can used like a parachute to trap scattering crabs whilst hunting in rockpools.

Type: Cephalopods
Where to find: Intertidal Reefs, Subtidal Reefs
Size: 1.2m