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Scientific Name: Carpobrotus rossii

Description: Karkalla is a fleshy, spreading perennial plant. A showy purple flower precedes a fleshy, edible red fruit. It is also known as ‘Pigface’ due to the shape of the fruits. Karkalla tolerates salt winds and drought and is an excellent coastal soil binder in an exposed, hot situation. Identification can be difficult as Karkalla can hybridise with Carpobrotus aequilaterus, an introduced weed. The round fruits and salty leaves are a traditional food source for the Wadawurrung, eaten fresh or dried. The leaves are used as an antiseptic for cuts and bites.

Plant Form: Ground covers
Where to find:
Across the entire Bluff
Thick, three-angled leaves often tinged with red, yellow or orange
Profuse light purple flowers which only open on sunny days
most of the year