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Victorian Scalyfin

Scientific Name: Parma victoriae

Description: Victorian Scalyfins are well known territorial fishes that live on rocky reefs in the Marine Sanctuary and along the coast of Victoria. They are mostly herbivorous and actively cultivate algae they like to eat within their territories, often protecting their gardens or eggs laid near them from other fish.

Juvenile Victorian Scalyfin have spectacular iridescent blue markings including eye-like spots on their fins whilst adults vary from yellowish to dark greyish, often with a blue tips along the dorsal fin.

During the breeding season between November and February, individuals form breeding pairs where males prepare ‘nests’ on rocky substrates by removing algae, detritus and encrusting organisms. Females lay their eggs onto this ‘nest’ site while males aerate and aggressively protect the eggs from all-comers, including divers who stray to close.

Type: Bony Fish
Where to find: Subtidal Reefs
Size: 25cm