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Short-fin Eel

Scientific Name: Anguilla australis

Description: The Barwon estuary is a major route for the Short-fin Eel on its migration up and down the river during its dramatic and long distance life cycle. Adults eels spend up to 20 years in freshwater before migrating to the sea then swimming to spawn offshore in the Coral Sea.

Their planktonic transparent larvae are transported south via the East Australian Current and eventually change into tiny glass eels before migrating back up the estuaries in south-eastern Australia again.

Short-fin Eels have small and fan-like pectoral fins.

Eels are an important cultural species for Wadawurrung people and other Traditional Owners across western Victoria.

Type: Bony Fish

Where to find: Estuary 

Size: 110cm

Follow the Journey of the amzing Short-fin Eel ‘Buniya’
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