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Common Boobialla

Scientific Name: Myoporum insulare

Description: Purple is a constant with Boobiallas. The leaf stalk is tinged with purple, the host of scented, white flowers are dusted with purple and the bird attracting fruits are also purple.

The rough, tessellated bark of the Common Boobialla provides a myriad of micro-habitats for spiders and insects. This dense, large shrub or small tree is quite common across the Bluff and the rear dunes. It is salt tolerant and leaves are succulent beside the sea.

The bluish-purplish berries are a traditional food source for the Wadawurrung.

Plant Form: Tree
Where to find:
Cliff and Central Shrubland
Their large waxy, wavy leaves are salt tolerant and somewhat fire resistant
Clusters of fragrant white flowers with purple spots
 September – December