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Coast Fescue

Scientific Name: Poa billardierei

Description: Coast Fescue is a rhizomatous, tufted, perennial, yellow-green tussock. Seed heads form in summer and are no longer than the leaves. The seeds are relatively large and barley-like – leaving a characteristic zig-zag look to the remaining head when fallen.

The Coast Fescue is endangered in Victoria and is only found in a few spots around the Barwon Heads area.

This tussock should not be confused with the introduced Marram Grass, which competes with it on the foredune. Marram Grass has similar foliage but large cat’s tail-like seed heads which overtop the foliage.

Plant form: Grasses and allies
Where to find:
 Leaves fine, rolled, somewhat drooping, initially green, often fading at tips to silver, and drying to golden-straw colour
Green flower heads
September – October