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Yellow-faced Honeyeater

Scientific Name: Lichenostomus chrysops

Description: The Yellow-faced Honeyeater is a small plainly coloured honeyeater generally of an olive grey-brown colour. It has a distinctive yellow stripe through the face bordered, above and below by black.

Yellow-faced Honeyeaters leave the Otway Ranges, and many thousands may pass through the Barwon Heads area, on migration to the north, during autumn. Sometimes the flocks navigate along the coast and rest for some time at the Bluff.

A few birds may stay around for all the winter if there is a good supply of blossoming eucalypts. They feed on nectar, pollen, and invertebrates.

Type: Bird
Where to find: Open Forest and urban areas. May be found in more open habitats, such as sand dunes or saltmarshes, on migration.
Size: 17cm