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Welcome Swallow

Scientific Name: Hirundo neoxena

Description: The Welcome Swallow is metallic blue-black above, light grey below and rust on the forehead, throat, and upper breast. If they perch on a fence, a tree, or a power line, you can check, and admire, these beautiful birds. They have long, forked tails with a row of white spots on the individual feathers. Young birds have duller plumage and shorter tails.

Welcome Swallows are usually seen as they fly about trying to catch insects on the wing. The long, forked tail and the dark rump help distinguish them from martins. The nest is built from mud, with the favoured site often being under a verandah or inside a building. They gather into sizeable flocks, which may include martins, in the post-breeding period. They feed on a wide variety of insects that they catch in flight.

Type: Bird
Where to find: Most areas
Size: 15cm