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Superb Fairy-wren

Scientific Name: Malurus cyaneus

Description: The adult male Superb Fairy-wren is one of the most distinctive and brightly coloured of the wrens. The beautiful male ‘blue wren’ is kept busy with a small harem of female ‘jenny wrens’. The females are generally a brown colour with reddish tail feathers. The young males are like the females, but with a bluish tinge to the tail feathers and darker beak and eye surrounds.

The sight of a stunning Superb Fairy-wren brings delight to all. They form family groups that cooperate to raise young in a domed nest. The eggs in each nest are not always from one pair of birds as the females may mate with more than one male. Usually feeds on insects and other small arthropods. Sometimes seeds and fruit.

Type: Bird
Where to find: Areas with thick undergrowth. Common in urban parks and gardens.
Size: 14cm