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Orange-bellied Parrot

Scientific Name: Neophema chrysogaster
Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Description: The Orange-bellied Parrot is similar in appearance to other Neophema species including the Blue-wing Parrot, but can be distinguished by their grass-green plumage. They are named for the distinctive orange patch on their belly. They breed exclusively in the south-west of Tasmania and visit to the southern mainland of Australia each winter to forage. They feed on the low lying saltmarsh environments found in the Lake Connewarre area and other regional saltmarsh habitats.

The Orange-bellied Parrot population is a small fraction of what it was and is threatened mainly through loss of saltmarsh habitat across its range. It is an endangered species and is the focus for a recovery program involving captive breeding of birds and their release to the wild.

Type: Bird
Where to find: Saltmarsh
Size: 20cm