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Little Penguin

Scientific Name: Eudyptula minor

Description: The large breeding colony on Phillip Island provides one of Australia’s top tourist attractions, to view the birds come ashore at night. There is another breeding colony near Port Campbell, at St Kilda Pier, and their also has been a small one in Corio Bay.

Occasionally Little Penguins are seen under ledges near the Bluff but unfortunately they are sometimes found dead on beaches. If found, look closely at the birds to note the extremely dense plumage that keeps the birds warm and the serrations inside the beak which enable the birds to more easily hold the fish they catch. Check too if there is a metal band around the flipper, for many thousands have been banded to trace the bird’s movements away from the breeding sites.

Penguins have been recorded diving to depths of 57m in pursuit of food.

Type: Bird
Where to find: Open Water
Size: 33cm