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Scientific Name: Grus rubicunda
Wadarurrung Name: porronggitj

Description: The Brolga is our largest waterbird, standing up to 1.3 metres tall and with a wingspan of 2.4 metres. It is a large grey crane with a redhead, grey crown, and a black dewlap under the chin. The female is shorter than the male.

Brolgas probably mate for life and are renowned for their elaborate courtship displays that involve bowing, dancing, leaping, wing flapping and trumpeting. Both adults rear the young and will aggressively defend their territory from predators.

Brolgas are omnivorous, eating mainly plant material and tubers with some insects, molluscs, and reptiles to balance the diet. It is always a special treat to spot these elegant birds in our wetlands.

Type: Bird
Where to find: large open wetlands, coastal mudflats, and croplands.
Size: 1.3m