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Australasian Gannet

Scientific Name: Morus serrator
Wadarurrung Name: mulligan

Description: These beautiful sea birds have a distinctive white plumage, pale orange heads and black tips on the wings and tail and are frequently seen patrolling the sea just behind the breakers, or at other times a long way offshore.

The nearest breeding colonies are at Popes Eye in the Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park, and other nearby structures in Port Phillip Bay. Large colonies breed at Lawrence Rocks near Portland, and some islands in Bass Strait.

Gannets feed by diving vertically for fish to 15m or more and capture their prey in pursuit by flying under the water. When not feeding, Australasian Gannets may float on the water in rafts of 20 or more.

Type: Bird
Where to find: Open Water
Size: 90cm