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Bidgee Widgee

Scientific Name: Acaena novae-zelandiae

Description: Bidgee Widgee is a creeping, tangled mat-like herb with brown, globular seed heads on stalks to about 20cm. Commonly found across the entire Bluff, it is a useful soil-binding plant on slopes, having roots developing at each node. Minute barbs on the seed head assist seed distribution by clinging onto the fur or clothes of passers-by. Bidgee Widgee is a traditional medicinal plant for the Wadawurrung.

Plant form: Ground cover
Where to find: Across the entire Bluff
Leaves consist of oblong leaflets with toothed margins, increasing in size along the stalk to 10mm long
Flower: Globular greenish-white flower heads on stalks
Flowering: September – April